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origin story

crawford2altI was driving to see a movie with a friend one afternoon in April of 2014. We were talking about the fantastic book “Home Field” (University of Texas Press, 2010) in which photographer Jeff Wilson published dozens of beautiful photos of high school football stadiums across Texas. I told my friend that I would love to read the stories from inside those stadiums on Friday nights. That’s when the idea for The Republic of Football ignited. Through emails to friends and colleagues in the media relations and sportswriting businesses, I was able to establish the initial interviews that set this project on its way. During a whirlwind sixteen months, I was able to interview about 150 people who had been connected to some of the great teams and stories from more than sixty years of Texas high school football. Please take a look at the book’s UT Press page here and consider pre-ordering it. Thanks. Chad S. Conine